Paternity test by DNA analysis


DNA paternity testing consists of analyzing the DNA of two people, in this case a child and a presumed father, in order to establish a genetic relationship between them. In order to confirm that the presumed father is the child's biological father


In general to solve problems of "an acknowledgement of parentage"

According to some studies, in about one (01) out of 30 cases, the declared father would not be the biological father.

Principle of the test: comparison of the DNA profiling of the persons involved.

Sampling by appointment given at least 24 hours before the test day.

Test results are available in the lab on average 03 weeks after sampling and the patient can retrieve them in 03 ways :

  1. 1.By this website by clicking here
  2. 2.Par courrier électronique à son adresse email;
  3. 3.Directly to the laboratory.

Sampling consists of collecting saliva and cells with a buccal swab using a swab (cotton swab) by rubbing inside the cheek.

We recommend that adults do not eat at least 60 minutes before sampling and infants should not be breastfed at least 30 minutes before sampling.

Individual consent prior to genetic testing (provided on site) must be signed by the presumed father and mother of the child. The consent of minor children is signed either by the mother or by the parental authority.

Official documents to be provided to the laboratory on the day of sampling:

  • Presumed father, mother or parental authority (National Identity Card or valid Passport)
  • Child (Birth certificate or declaration of birth
The laboratory

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In partnership with the

CFA 425,000

- Price including sample shipping cost

DNA testing including a child, a mother and a presumed father, or only a child and presumed father

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